1  Suzi Lattner at Lattner Studio

2  Mark Williams at Blue Star Pottery

3  Christine Russell Bruno at Town Hall Studio 

4  Ellie Dietrich at Aspen Glenn Studio

5  Jeff Blandford at Jeff Blandford Gallery

6  Barb Hogarth at Blue Star Studio of Wood & Glass

7  Kathy Stanton at Stantall Studio

8  Jessica Bohus at Blue Roan Studio 

9  Dawn Stafford at The Peachbelt Studio Gallery

10  Fernwood 1891 (various artists)

11  Michele Clark at Brazilian Shack

12  Dawn Soltysiak at Khnemu Studio

All Blue Coast Artists show their work in the studios where they work (other than the collective gallery, Fernwood 1891.) Often, when visiting you will find them working on their art and can ask questions about their technique, tools, and resulting pieces.